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Here is how the RAVELCO works . . .

The Ravelco Anti Theft Device is installed in an easily accessible place under or flush mounted in the dashboard. A removable 16 pin male plug (which when not in use connects to your key chain) makes all the electronic connections. A hidden armored steel cable protects the wires from the rear of the RAVELCO base on through to the engine compartment where all the connections are made and camouflaged. When the plug is removed from the RAVELCO, it is impossible to start the vehicle. There are more than 100,000 different combinations. NO MASTER PLUGS. An impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief.

No Bells or Whistles . . . Just Results!


The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is installed in an easily accessible place under or flush mounted in the dashboard. A removable 16 pin male plug (which when not in use connects to your key chain) makes all the electronic connections. A hidden armored steel cable protects the wires from the rear of the RAVELCO base on through to the engine compartment where all the connections are made and camouflaged. When the plug is removed from the RAVELCO, it is impossible to start the vehicle.

The circuits interrupted by the RAVELCO may vary from application to application. Typically, they would include the electronic fuel pump, the ignition circuit, the starter circuit or even the computer. Complete instructions are provided for every type vehicle for installation.

All electrical connections are made in the engine compartment of the vehicle and are connected in and through the factory wiring harnesses. Since there are no exposed wires, a properly-installed RAVELCO is virtually impossible to detect and very time consuming to trace because all the wires are the same color (black). Even trained, mechanics have called our offices to question the location of the RAVELCO hookup on a vehicle.

The Ravelco Anti Theft Device allows for more than 100,000 different combinations within the system.

A RAVELCO customer is assured that their plug is unique, and that no one else can start their vehicle simply by gaining access to another RAVELCO plug. Competitive products allow only six or fewer possible plug combinations, and each device sold through a particular car dealer will all use the same plug! THIS IS NOT THEFT PROTECTION!

The components used in the manufacturing of the Ravelco Anti Theft Device are of the highest quality, tested for performance, and proven in the field since 1976. Reliability is must and an absolute. Unlike competitive products, a RAVELCO WILL NOT FAIL. In fact, a major selling point of the RAVELCO is its superior performance against that of competitive products. When a competitive product fails, the vehicle on which it is installed will stall and cannot be started. Any car dealer or anti theft device installation facility that has handled a competitive product for any length of time has suffered this embarrassment -- and expense -- of having to send out a tow truck to retrieve a customer's vehicle. NOT SO WITH THE RAVELCO!

The installation of a RAVELCO requires approximately 1 hour for a trained technician using a drill and hand tools only. Although most installations can be completed in less time.

The Ravelco Anti Theft Device is superior to all the other alarms and anti theft devices, the reason for this is that the RAVELCO is so simple to use, there are not any codes to remember and there are no secret buttons to push. Whenever you leave your vehicle all you have to do to activate the RAVELCO system is "pull out the plug" and connect it to your key chain. It is like taking part of your engine with you. Many new car buyers do not want all the bells and whistles associated with today’s alarm systems because they know that no one pays attention to them! How many times have you heard an alarm going off and noticed people just walk by, minding their own business? Shown recently on a television news program, was a policeman unknowingly assisting a car thief, breaking into a vehicle with a coat hanger and stealing a car. Incidentally, the vehicle's alarm was going off the whole time!


  • Not one vehicle has ever been reported stolen using the RAVELCO since its debut in 1976.
  • More than 4 Million installations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America.
  • There are more than 100,000 different electronic combinations . . . and  NO master plugs.
  • Prevents jumping the ignition (breaking the steering column and hot wiring).
  • Fits both gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Only your ignition key and the RAVELCO Plug will allow your vehicle to start.
  • Most insurance companies will give 10% to 25% discount on your comprehensive rates.
  • Absolutely no equipment failures . . . No tow-ins, no breakdowns.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the original owner.
  • Absolutely will not affect your new car warranty 
    Magnuson - Moss Act
    A Federal law.
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  • Comes with two plugs, (one a spare), additional plugs may be ordered.
  • Comes with two window stickers: "WARNING -- Protected with the Ravelco Anti Theft Device"


The Ravelco Anti Theft Device was developed in Houston, Texas on July 20, 1976 by Vincent Raviele. Earlier that year, Mr. Raviele drove his brand new Lincoln Mark IV, (which he could not afford) back home to Rhode Island to show his father how well he was doing in the drag racing business in Texas. (little did anyone know that his car was two payments past due) In downtown Providence on May 30, 1976, Mr. Raviele walked out of a night club toward where he last parked his car. Upon turning the corner he discovered another vehicle parked in its place. He was afraid to call the police right then, because he thought that they were going to tell him (in front of his family - whom he was trying to impress) that his car had been repossessed. The next day the Providence Police recovered the stripped vehicle and contacted Mr. Raviele. The doors, seats, complete interior, tires, wheels, and radio were gone.

Mr. Raviele was determined that having a vehicle stolen would never happen to him again. He searched every phone book and magazine in the country for some type of anti theft device. Even back then, Mr. Raviele knew that everything available was basically for show and did not deter thieves in the least bit. The only device that was available for the prevention of theft was a push button (kill switch) hooked up to the coil and hidden under the carpet under the brake pedal. An alarm system was also available, but in order to activate it, one had to turn it on with a key that was mounted in the fender of the vehicle. Unhappy with the devices available, Mr. Raviele diligently worked day and night for nearly two months and developed the RAVELCO. The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device has been in continuous production since that time. The only change that has been made to the Ravelco over the past 31 years has been improvements in the materials used to manufacture the device itself. Today Mr. Raviele is still very active with the RAVELCO Company and devotes much of his personal time working with children involved in baseball. Mr. Raviele was the President of Lamar Little League in 2003 and 2004 when they made back to back appearances at the Little League World Series in Willamsport, Pennsylvania. In fact his son, Jimmy attends and is a pitcher for the University of Houston.

No other anti theft device comes close to the long-term continuous success of the RAVELCO. Since it's debut, THERE HAS BEEN NO REPORTED INCIDENT IN WHICH A VEHICLE PROTECTED BY A PROPERLY- INSTALLED AND UTILIZED RAVELCO HAS BEEN STOLEN! The Ravelco Anti Theft Device is the ONLY product that can claim COMPLETE SUCCESS in preventing car theft! No other alarm system, anti theft device or vehicle tracking system can make that claim. NOT ONE VEHICLE STOLEN IN MORE THAN 31 YEARS!

Since the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001, numerous manufacturers of Fire Trucks, Rescue Equipment Vehicles, and even Mosquito Spraying Trucks, have contacted us inquiring and purchasing our Ravelco Anti Theft Device. It makes us real proud when we asked them how they heard about us and they replied "from their local law enforcement agencies." 

Currently, more than 2,000 automobile dealers throughout the United States sell and install the RAVELCO and the company has distributors located throughout Europe, Mexico, and South America. But to date, the company has been the principle manufacture and marketer of the product within the United States, which has somewhat limited the distribution of the RAVELCO to some of the country's major metropolitan areas. Now, the company is seeking to expand by locating distributors who actually reside in key marketing areas throughout the country, making them more available to work one-on-one with their dealer-customers. Interested parties are invited to visit our website's "RAVELCO DISTRIBUTOR INFORMATION" page.

On September 25, 2001 in Mexico City, Mexico, the RAVELCO Anti Theft Device was tested by CESVI-MEXIC, a company owned by the seven major insurance companies in Mexico. They tried to hot-wire the most stolen vehicle in Mexico City, a 2002 Nissan Sentra that had a RAVELCO installed on it. The CESVI Company said they would approve the RAVELCO if it passed the 8 minute test. They said no theft device or alarm ever took more than 3 minutes to bypass. After cutting wires and trying for 35 minutes they finally gave up. The next day they had the vehicle towed to a Nissan dealer to get it rewired and able to start! Needless to say the RAVELCO was approved. The RAVELCO is the only anti theft device recognized in Mexico for a discount on your insurance. With over 29 million people in Mexico City alone and nearly 200 vehicles stolen per day, the people at CESVI Company should know what does and does not work when it comes to auto theft. No alarm, tracking system or any other anti theft device is approved in Mexico. Of course this makes us at RAVELCO very proud.


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