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What you’ll receive:
  • The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device (installed)
  • 2 Plugs (one spare)
  • 2 Window Warning Stickers
  • Pull Apart Key Chain
  • Additional Plug Order Form
  • Lifetime Guarantee
You can contact Chicagoland Ravelco directly for installation at your home or office.

Typical installation takes about 3 hours, and total cost includes tax and mobile installation.

Most domestic passenger cars and trucks start at $549.95

Commercial vehicles, 2017 and newer Ford F-250's and 350's, Chevy and GM full size trucks start at $599.95

Newer Jeeps and sports cars start at $599.95

Construction equipment, Big Rigs and RV's start at $649.95

Call for a quote: 312-282-0510

E-Mail us for an exact quote. click here

Discounts available for Fleet Installations, Law Enforcement, Active Military, and College Students.

When you need the best anti-theft protection available, you need The Ravelco. 30 years and 4 million installs and not one stolen vehicle reported with a properly installed and utilized Ravelco.

Ravelco protects anything you drive
Ravelco has never been defeated by theives