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Our Mission

Chicagoland Ravelco exists to help put an end to vehicle theft in the Chicagoland area by selling and installing the Ravelco Anti Theft Device, the absolute best protection available to prevent thieves from hot-wiring and stealing vehicles.

Whether individual or fleet owners, autos or trucks, service vehicles, big rigs or construction equipment, we provide our customers with peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected by a high quality, made in the USA, proven and reliable product.

We value our customers by providing convenient, friendly service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in the fact that we install the Ravelco Anti Theft Device to the strictest standards that make stealing the vehicle an impossible task for even the most seasoned and persistent thief.

Our goal is to make vehicle theft a thing of the past and put thieves out of business.

Ravelco protects anything you drive
Ravelco has never been defeated by theives